Chawki, is a Moroccan-born artist, whose musical influence draws from the rich artistic heritage of his hometown and his country. Born to a musical family in Tetouan, Chawki continued his musical path by dedicating himself in training and participating in several festivals and artistic events at both local and regional levels.
Chawki's efforts were soon paying off and his exceptional talent was recognized at the Tetouan musical competition, The Festival of Arabic Song, which he was awarded First Prize.
Soon after he formed a group composed of young musicians and they called themselves, La Paloma. This group toured to national and international music festivals, and gained popularity. The group was best known in Spain for their Librejano work.
Eventually, the international Super Producer and native Moroccan, RedOne, most noted for his work with Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez and Cheb Khaled, to name a few, took interest and hand picked him to participate in the song, “Bokra” alongside Quincy Jones and other artists for the Arabic version of "We Are The World."
”Bokra” became a successful project in the Arab World and fostered a longtime collaboration between the two Moroccans.
In 2013, Chawki released his debut single "Habibi I Love You" featuring the international popstar, Pitbull, which was produced and co-written by RedOne. With over 27 million views on YouTube, #1 in Morocco, #5 in the Netherlands and #37 in France on the official iTunes charts, Chawki established himself as an artist to watch in the MENA and throughout Europe.
Due to the single's success, many great artists showed interest in collaborating with Chawki. Most recently, Magic System collaborated with Chawki & RedOne on their new single "Magic In The Air" which became a big hit in France (#9 iTunes and #1 in Clubs).
In 2014, BeIN Sports, the largest global network of sports channels in North America, France, Asia and MENA, approached RedOne to produce a song for the network. RedOne immediately thought of Chawki. Chawki co-wrote and RedOne produced the anthem, "Time of Our Lives." Not only this new official song of BeIN Sports was synchronized during the World Cup soccer games in June 2014, it would continue to be the network's theme song. BeIN Sports networks reach over 100 million sports fans worldwide, is broadcasted in over 6 different languages in over 10 different countries and broadcasts year-round live world soccer, rugby, the Superbike World Championship, and the EHF Champion League (Team Handball).